Blue Buzz
Welcome to project
started with a 2000
Dodge Neon with a
2.0L 4, 5 speed
manual and not
much else.

The idea we had is
how fast and reliable
could we make it by
slinging some
traditional speed
parts and know how
at it. (and yes we
know, IT'S NOT A
HONDA!) so far we
have managed to
get 37 mpg on a
road trip to the
Carolina's, keep it
daily driven and
have ran a naturally
non-power adder
best time at the drag
strip of 16.81 sec @
83.19 mph.
Keep in mind this is
with no more than a
tune-up, driving
technique and
altering tire
pressures. The car
also has over 100k
miles on it. Recent
include a custom
2.25 inch cat-back
exhaust with a
stainless steel
magna-flow muffler.
We chose the
magna-flow as it is
fairly quiet at idle
and cruising with
minimal interior
resonance, but it lets
you know its coming
when you stomp the
go pedal.

Next up is track
testing, and then an
intake! We'll keep
you posted on the
Here is a few shots of the stock exhaust, during the
replacement and with the new exhaust in place.

After running a best time of 16.04 @ 85.97mph and achieving an
astounding 38.6mpg on the highway and adding a new stage 3 dual
frictions clutch with aluminum flywheel. We are sad to say that project
Blue Buzz is currently down. On a recent outing in 2010, the timing belt
let go rendering the car in-operable.

Tell us what you would like to see, new motor? Tear it apart and sell?
Save it for another project? Let us know before we change our minds..