The story behind the idea. How it all started.....

Born in the 1970’s, I started my years and affliction with cars in crazy times. We had
the Vietnam War, then came the gas wars in the mid - 70’s. (Yes, I’m old enough to
remember.)  I can actually remember sitting in the backseat waiting for hours on end
( seemed like days to a kid back then.) for my parents turn to put gas in the car.  
Finally, lets not forget the big auto workers strike which combined with the gas wars,
and tightening insurance regulations caused the Muscle Car era to seriously wind
down. Shortly after all of this (1974 –1976) the last of the late greats rolled off the
assembly line. Yes I’m talking about the last Big Block Chevelles and fast Corvettes,
the last 455 powered Firebirds, no more GTO’s, Camaro’s were weak , the Mustang
was a sissy, the Hemi was long gone and the Muscle Car era was dead. (Or was it?)

Next, we have the late 1970’s with water gate, and the DISCO DAYS! (Remember
DISCO Vette’s and big collar shirts? I try not to.)  and horsepower started to make
somewhat of a come back. The Firebird line up had a whopping 400 cubic inch
engine with 220hp (Thank you Smokey and the Bandit!), the Camaro got a 350
again (Yeah!) and the Corvette had somewhere around 250 horsepower.

Fast forward now to the mid 1980’s, in steps my big brother Chuck. I had been
involved with cars up to this point and knew quite a bit about them, but boy did he
open my eyes! At the time he had a 70 nova coupe with a 327 under the hood, So
enough said there. Chuck taught me my first burnout, took me on my first drag race,
first cruise and over all taught me the “Cool” side of Hot Rods! (Thanks Bro! Love Ya

Let’s take a look now at the 1990’s where it all started. I blew the engine in my ride,
lived in an apartment, and could not do the work without complex management
breathing down my neck. (funny how complex management frowns on auto repairs in
the parking lot,  but often do little when you need maintenance inside your
apartment.) additional frustration (and motivation) came while searching for a shop to
fix my ride.  I had a lot of trouble finding one that could be trusted and would work on
my car the way I wanted it done. Everybody’s price was either WAY out of line or I
was met with  answers of “your car is too OLD”, ”We don’t work on them” or “We can’t
get parts”.

I have even more inspiration over the years from watching Barret-Jackson and eBay
drive the price of parts and cars out of this world. $1600 for a factory air cleaner?
$150,000 for a 57 Chevy? Let’s get real here people! I say, What about the Car Guy
with a wife and kids that wants a classic car more than anything, but does not stand a
chance now from actions like this?

Finally, I’ve noticed the import crowd getting even more cocky every year with big
airplane wings on the trunk, chrome coffee cans for mufflers and sounding like mad
bumble bees. (My lawn mower is louder and faster than some of them.) most of the
time cars like this are just plain un-sat and not up to any kind of task. (Don’t get me
wrong here, I am a car-guy through and through. I’ll admit when an import is fast or
nicely done. So no hate mail please.)

All of this led me to start Midnite Automotive and Racing Specialties in Garland
Texas,  Where I offered a variety of products, services, new and used parts, custom
fabrication and eventually complete built cars.  A few bad choices made me close the
doors for a period to sort out issues  in my life and decide where I wanted to go.

Now some 15 years later, having experienced lay-offs, out-sourcing and lets not
forget off-shoring (Seems like we’ve sold our country doesn't it? Does anything get
made or stay on U.S. soil anymore?) At least it seems  horsepower and hot cars are
kind of alive and well. With cars like the Corvette and Viper punching out over 500hp
stock (and some of the imports to) it has made me realize that there is much truth to
the old adage “You learn from your mistakes”.  I made a mistake in leaving my true
calling which is why I am re-opening the shop “Classic Performance Trends”.
Eventually, I hope to offer a little something for everyone. But, I like to be different so
our specialty will be PONTIACS. Followed by GM products, and we’ll even throw in
the Ford and Mopar crowds for good measure. (Sorry imports nothing for you yet.)

Let’s face it, whether or not the political big-wigs want to admit it, the automotive
enthusiast world is a growing, driving force. We help keep many sectors of the
business world moving. Without us where would Gas Stations, Parts Houses, Paint
and Body shops and Magazines be?  Not to mention the most important piece, it
takes many more jobs than the parts clerk or computer guy to design and make the
parts and products that we use. (Get the idea?) Finally, lets not forget the rumble of
dual exhaust, the smell of burning rubber, power-shifting and of course the sound of
a good old fashioned American V8 engine at 6000rpm!

Through you (My Customers), I hope to grow this once again so I can one  day come
to the realization of my dream, fulfill my passion of cars and run my own business.

I leave you with my motto:

“Make it right for the Car-Guy, Racer, and Car-Girl.”

Thanks for browsing and God Bless!

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