Project Big Bertha

Trips to and from Austin in 2010 resulted in speeds averaging between 60-80mph with 21.4mpg overall.

Recent modifications are the addition of a complete SLP air intake system with high flow conical air filter.

The truck now has 224k and counting, it does not use a drop of oil, does not smoke and power seems to

Pending weather, we'll have some recent drag strip times to post......

It may be dirty but it's effective!!!
Sitting on the beach in Corpus Christi. We averaged round
trip 23.2 mpg with the A/C on!!!
Here is one of the projects of
yours truly. Before you send
the hate mail and dirty
comments, READ.....I am not
saying that my truck is the
fastest, can tow the most or
what ever, I know most of you
have done it better, gone faster
with a stock truck etc...etc... I
can prove mine. But, that is not
the point.

The point is, what I have done
and am out to prove, is that
you CAN drive and have fun
with a big AMERICAN, V-8
vehicle with minor modifications
and attention to driving
technique. So far I have gotten
27.2 MPG on a round trip
average to Beavers Bend
Oklahoma, I can tow a 6,000 lb
trailer, seat 5-6 of my friends
and family and have ran a best
time of 15.81 @ 85.16 MPH in
the 1/4 mile.

Modifications to this point are a
custom magna-flow cat-back
exhaust, Air-Raid intake tube,
and a K&N air filter. Prior tests
were completed with a bad fuel
pressure regulator and fuel
pump. Both issues have since
been resolved. New rounds of
testing will be published soon.

Keep in mind, this is with over
150k miles on the clock and still

Long live the CHEVY TRUCK!!!
Like a ROCK!